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My reservation doesn't show in the app

Make sure that...
1- you forward your reservation using the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS you used for your Ask Marty account
2- you forward it to HOTEL@ASKMARTY.IO

You did just that and it still doesn't show? Ping us at:

What is the idea behind Ask Marty?

Everyone spends time comparing prices while booking their hotel rooms. However prices keep changing even AFTER you've booked.
Once you've booked, Ask Marty keeps monitoring prices for you and looks for a better deal for the exact same hotel room.

How does it work?

• BOOK on any hotel booking website
• DOWNLOAD the Ask Marty iOS app
• FORWARD your booking confirmation to

And... THAT'S IT.
Now you can let Marty do the rest for you.

• Ask Marty starts looking for a better deal for the exact same hotel room you've just booked
• As soon as a better price is available, Ask Marty notifies you within the app so you can rebook it and save money on your hotel stay

Does it work with any type of reservations?

Absolutely! Ask Marty monitors all kinds of hotel bookings all over the world as long as their cancellation policy is flexible.

What happens to my initial reservation?

Once you've rebooked with Ask Marty, simply cancel your former reservation. It's really easy. Or just ask Marty to do it for you.
In any case, you stay in full control!

How do you find better rates?

Marty monitors prices for your reservation on dozens of websites. And keeps doing it 24/7 until the end of your free-cancellation period.
This allows you to benefit from the best deals available.

Is Ask Marty free to use?

Yes! Ask Marty only wins if you do. Ask Marty keeps a percentage of the savings he generates you.