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Marty is your new hotel booking companion. He can get you the exact same room you've already booked, but at a better rate. He monitors prices 24/7 and finds ways for you to rebook without any risk and save money.

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Forward any reservation email AFTER you've booked on any platform or directly on the hotel website.

Marty monitors the price of your room 24/7

Hotel prices decrease about 60% of the time after a booking. Marty works relentlessly to find you the best possible rate.

Marty gets you a better deal

Just tap the "Rebook and save" button to get your new rate and save. Marty will rebook for you, cancel the old booking and take care of everything from now on.

You've saved money and made sure you've got the best possible price

Enjoy your stay. Your reservation is safe with Marty. You've got the exact same room and options, but now at the best price.